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Leverage your learning analytics with the leading AI solution for workforce planning, talent management, resource allocation, professional development and robotic automation.

In a project funded by the Australian Research Council in 2013 and a partnership including the Australian National University, AI Learning developed and patented a unique reporting solution for learning analytics, enabling eLearning programs to adapt to user inputs.

Our AI research and solutions evolved from this original ground-breaking work. It is only recently that some eLearning reporting standards and the Internet of Things (IOT), have enabled organisations to start gathering learning analytics from a broad range of learning activities and devices.

Our AI incorporates several approaches to machine learning in order to continuously improve its workforce analysis and forecasting abilities, including workforce gap identification, resource allocation and robotic automation.

With the volume of data available, we are witnessing an incredible leap forward in the capability of AI to provide invaluable analysis, unique insights and recommendations.

Contact us now to see how AI can help you leverage your learning data, find cost efficiencies and inform strategic decision-making.

AI Learning is currently working on a new universal standard for eLearning, leveraging both Blockchain and AI to provide significant enhancements to current eLearning infrastructure, providing employers and educational institutions with complete verified learner profiles and qualifications beyond the traditional individual organisational limitations.

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As one of Australia’s leading Learning consultancy and development companies, we can provide end-to-end services for all your online training needs.

Our eLearning services include:

Initial training needs analysis Learning management systems Measures of success
Learner profiles Instructional and graphic design Course evaluation
Storyboarding Deployment and hosting advice Data validation
Content evaluation and translation services Learning and workforce analytics and recommendations ROI analysis
Multi-channel product development for blended learning solutions (e.g. formal structured eLearning courses and assessments, combined with mobile, video and workshop facilitation)

We can offer you a unique custom online build for your training solution, or we can use your eLearning authoring tool of choice. Our developers have experience with all major authoring tools, and can provide you with personalised training towards maintaining and developing your own programs in your tool of choice.

AI Learning provides technical advice and assistance to Adobe – improving the Captivate eLearning authoring tool and eLearning integration with the Adobe Experience Manager platform (AEM). Successful integration of Adobe’s Captivate eLearning product with Adobe’s flagship marketing platform was engineered by AI Learning, as part of an ongoing partnership with Adobe and Tourism Australia, for Adobe’s first global pilot of AEM enabled eLearning. This significantly enhanced Adobe product compatibility and eLearning capability for their primary web-based content management system, which is used by clients such as Samsung, Apple, HP, Intel, Philips, Cisco, and many more.

Premium Third-Party Partnership Solutions

While it is imperative that organisations provide their employees with company specific learning and compliance training, AI Learning can also deliver and integrate quality online training solutions covering the full spectrum of business, IT skills and industry certification. Our partnerships with world leading online training content providers – Lynda.com, Linkedin, Skillsoft and Goodpractice – allow us to offer significantly discounted enterprise-wide licencing for access to the online training solutions needed for improving employee role capability and professional development outcomes.

To get the most value out of your learning management system, you need high-quality and engaging content that is capable of providing both formal development and ‘just-in-time’ training solutions.

This unique setup and integration has been adopted by more than 50 Australian Government agencies and organisations, representing hundreds of thousands of unique system transactions per month.

These solutions enable organisations to create blended learning solutions with a mix of courses, resources, videos, simulations, readings, online forums and more, from one or more of these third party suppliers.

Using a combination of Deeplinks and Single-Sign On, your employees will have direct and immediate access to the world’s best training solutions without needing to manually authenticate with username and password, while still providing full tracking and analytics via your LMS dashboard.

We can also integrate and link the courses you have created to your organisation’s Job Family Model, or to one of the global standards (e.g. SFIA). Our fully integrated solutions will automatically allocate all courses relevant to your employees based on their role in the organisation, with courses comprised of blended content from Lynda.com, Skillsoft and GoodPractice. Accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Social Learning

Learners enjoy sharing experiences. The ‘learning from one another’ opportunity is one that is vital to the learner experience. AI Learning encourages learners to share their experience through the use of social learning tools.

Social Learning Integration

AI Learning develops learning products that both integrate and encourage the use of social networking tools. We provide a range of options such as forums, portals and webinars, which allow learners to share and collaborate. We can even take these tools a step further by applying proven gamification elements such as leader boards, levelling up and badges, to improve the social networking experience.

Social Networking

Social networking sites allow your leaners to share their experiences. AI Learning can help you establish products that link your learners with sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so they can promote your brand and create engaging communities which foster networked learning.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning solutions deliver the full potential of smartphone and tablet technology to your learners.

AI Learning’s team has pioneered the use of award winning mobile learning applications to reinforce learning from formal programs (either face-to-face or eLearning). Relatively inexpensive, these applications are a fantastic tool to deliver on-demand learning straight to your target audience on their tablet or smartphone devices.

Our Approach

We can develop a tailored mLearning solution to support any training. We can incorporate all the great features to help your learners achieve a new level of experience and work performance.

Our qualified team can also custom build you an interactive learning product that is responsive to work across all mainstream devices.


Interactive learning is a dynamic world and, at times, can be an uphill struggle. Sometimes all you need is some direction.

AI Learning is here to assist you on that journey and make it a more enjoyable experience. Our team has years of experience in developing interactive learning and are sought after consultants, trainers and speakers, on anything learning-technology related.

Advisory services include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Training needs analysis
  • Establishing business requirements
  • Identifying ‘Measures of Success’
  • Understanding learning technologies
  • Understanding your learning options
  • Managing your learning project and budget
  • Establishing an eLearning team and self-driven capability
  • Exploring learning analytics – ROI analysis, assessment and evaluation
  • Job Families & Roles – workforce-planning and talent management
  • Resource allocation and robotic automation
  • AI driven learning – organisational specific machine learning
  • AI analysis – reporting outcomes and strategic decision-making

Facilitated Workshops

We work with our clients to understand their needs prior to running any facilitated workshops, and adapt the courses to best address your unique organisational environment and needs. We have award winning trainers who can facilitate workshops covering any subject matter.

Some examples of our current workshops we deliver include:

  • Agile Project Management
  • AI in Learning
  • Big Data and You
  • Blockchain for Beginners
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Building eLearning Capability
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Delivering Presentations
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service
  • Developing Personal Confidence
  • Developing Your Leadership Style
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Managing Projects
  • Motivating People
  • Negotiation
  • Planning and Prioritising
  • Resilience and Productivity
  • Setting Goals and Performance Plans
  • The Future of Distributed Ledgers (for advanced blockchain learners)


As the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Time Berners-Lee, famously said:

‘The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.’

  • Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Our team are experts in the application of accessibility standards to eLearning, and advisors to the W3C Consortium on eLearning accessibility.

Check out our paper on eLearning Accessibility →

AI Learning delivers accessible content

At AI Learning we pride ourselves on delivering accessible learning for all learning types, without compromising the interactive learning experience.